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UI and UX, what is UI and UX about?
"UI is User Interface, while UX is User Experience. Both relate to the appearance of a website or the appearance of an appkication.

UI Design is how a website or application that you create looks like, also known as the appearance or design of a website.

UX Design is the process of making a website or application for easier usage and user friendly.

Why are UI and UX Important in Website and App Development?

1. Produce Products That Users Need

By focusing the design on the user experience, you can create a product with features that users really need. Products made based on user needs will be more in demand.

2. Increasing User Satisfaction with Products

Products that look bad and are difficult to use will quickly be abandoned by users. However, if your product has an attractive appearance and is easy to be used, users will satisfy while using your product. User satisfaction will keep your product in use.

3. Increase Sales and Business

If your website or business application is designed with a good UI and UX, you are not only providing optimal service to customers. Indirectly, you mean that you have implemented a business improvement strategy.

How to determine a Good UI Design?

1. Consistency

Design consistency can help users to understand the pattern of your website or application.

2. Responsive

A good website display must be flexible on all devices.

3. Clear and Concise

The appearance of your website must be clear and concise so that users can understand the information on your application or website.

4. Intuitive

Intuitive design simply means that it is naturally easy to understand. Visitors can easily understand the flow of your website without needing a manual book.

5. Good Color Contrast

Color selection in interface design is very important. Good color contrast will highlight the points for ease reading and understanding.

6. Structured Information

A good UI design should not only beautiful in apperance, but also user friendly.

How to determine Good UX Design?

1. Usability

Easy to use means that users can use the features of the application or website without requiring excessive effort.

2. Valuable

Valuable or having value means the features that exist in the product are according to the user needs. If the product is not needed by the user, the product has not been said to have valuable value even though the product is easy to use.

3. Adoptability

A product of value should be easy to buy, download, and obtain so that users can get started using the product.

4. Desirable

This term relates to certain emotions. For example, users feel a pleasant experience when using a certain product.

Design UIUX Package

We offer 3 solutions as part of your UIUX Design needs to support your Website/Application needs:

Website/Mobile UX Lite Package

Process Business Consulting
Wireframe Design

Moderate Website UIUX Package

Process Business Consulting
Wireframe Design
Website UI Design Kit

UIUX Pro Website/Mobile Package

Process Business Consulting
Wireframe Design
Website & Mobile UI Design Kit (Website)
Mobile & Tablet UI Design Kit (Mobile)


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